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Our mission is to give the world access to amazing people.

We believe that when you learn from great people, you can do great things. TalkingPear makes it easy to get a meeting with some of the best in the biz.

  • Just need some general advice?
  • Have a specific idea you want feedback on?
  • Looking to grow your network?
  • Need advice on how to get a promotion?
  • Want to learn how to get a record deal?

Meet real people. Really great people that is. Our members are carefully curated based not only on their title and company, but on their career and personality.

Simply, pick one of our members that best fits your needs, pick a time slot, and we’ll set up a Zoom meeting for you and the other members.

Instantly access some of the brightest minds in tech, music, and design. There’s never been an easier way to grow your network.

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